Virginia Opera has been a leader in commissioning, designing, and presenting innovative, age-appropriate programs for nearly 40 years.

Virginia Opera will be offering a variety of exciting and educational online content for K-12 students. All programs feature professional singers employed in the Emerging Artist Program, accompanied by piano. The children’s operas are fully produced for film in order to provide a fun, engaging viewing experience. Study guides are available for these full-length programs.

Opera General Reference for Educators

The Princess & the Pea, by Dr. Glenn Winters, a children’s opera appropriate for early elementary children is available now. Queen Cindy wants her son, Prince Jeff, to get married and insists he find a bride with extra-sensitive taste buds as proof of her royal blood. Instead, Prince Jeff meets Lulu, a young woman on her way to a costume ball dressed as a princess, and they fall in love. Will Lulu be able to prove her royal sensitivity to Queen Cindy and marry her true love? Watch the commercial below.

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Pinocchio: Enjoy the adventures of Pinocchio and his friends as he learns about what it means to “tell the truth.” This charming children’s opera, by John Davies, is available for free to all Virginia educators to stream on-demand from April 23rd through June 15th.

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“Brain Breaks” are designed with virtual classrooms in mind (though they are available to all Virginia educators), providing an entertaining and educational break in the day. Most are approximately 3-5 minutes in length, and several provide an opportunity for students to sing, clap, or do vocal warm-ups along with the video.

Advanced students, particularly those with an interest in music, will enjoy watching some OR all of the Master Teacher Series in which industry veterans/stars, Denyce Graves and Grant Youngblood, work with Virginia Opera’s Emerging Artists.

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