Black Lives Matter

A Statement from Virginia Opera:

Our vision at Virginia Opera is, and will always be, to engage and unite our communities. As we reaffirm our commitment to this vision, we also recognize that our communities are reeling from the effects of racism and violence. We stand in solidarity with the Black artists, colleagues, families, friends, and citizens throughout the country and across the world to condemn these continued acts of violence and injustice. Now, more than ever, Virginia Opera is recommitted to our aspirations of embodying a more diverse and inclusive organization and society.

In the weeks and months ahead, we will devote ourselves even more so to listening, learning, and action. We will hold ourselves accountable by truly examining our organization and engaging critically with our broader industry to address inequality; embracing principles to enact changes that mean greater diversity and inclusion. We will do better and strive to be better, with the aim of improving the quality of life in all our communities—especially within the Black communities we serve.

Committed to learning from our past, and with a pledge to remain vigilant in the work ahead of us, we can and will contribute to meaningful change. We also stand in solidarity with our colleagues at OPERA America, as we continue to listen, and do our part to uplift and shoulder our responsibilities in making these endeavors real, now, and for future generations.