Statewide Board of Directors

Elisabeth M. Wollan

Past Chairs

Edythe C. Harrison | Founding Chair 1974-1977
Stanley G. Barr, Jr., Esq. 1978-1979
Edythe C. Harrison 1979-1981
Walter P. Conrad, Jr. 1981-1983
Mary R. Albergotti 1983-1984
Edward S. Stein 1984-1985
Eleanor Bradshaw 1985-1986
Thomas H. Nicholson 1986-1988
Dorothy Doumar 1988-1989
Jane Patton Browning 1989-1990
Joyce H. Strelitz 1990-1992
Peter M. Huber, Esq. 1992-1994
Dixie Wolf 1994-1996
Peter M. Huber, Esq. 1996-1998
Alan D. Albert, Esq. 1998-2000
Robert M. Rubin, D.M.D 2000-2001
John Turbyfill 2001-2003
John Field 2003-2005
Allan S. Reynolds, Jr. 2005-2007
Mark T. Cox IV 2007-2009
Joan B. Miller 2009-2011
Alan D. Albert, Esq. 2011-2015
Allan S. Reynolds, Jr. 2015-2017

Officers and Executive Committee 2018-2019

Elisabeth M. Wollan, Chair
Paul Winslow, Chair-Elect
Peter M. Huber, Esq., Secretary
Marc Kirchner, Treasurer and Chair, Finance Committee
Nancy Branch, Chair, Artistic Advisory Committee
Mildred Wilkerson, Chair, Hampton Roads Development Committee
Langdon Christian, IV, Chair, Central Virginia Development Committee
Marilyn Scott, Chair, Education and Audience Development Committee
Guy K. Tower, Chair, Governance and Nominating Committee
Susan Quate, Chair, Marketing Committee
Edith G. Grandy, Member-at-Large
Michael Lott, Member-at-Large
Lewis W. Maye, III, Member-at-Large
Raymond DeFrank, President, Hampton Roads Board of Governors
Thomas A. Grant, President, Central Virginia Board of Governors
Kym Hemley, President, Northern Virginia Board of Governors
Henry Garrity, Chair, Virginia Opera Foundation Board
Mark E.  Board, President, Virginia Opera Guild
Allan S. Reynolds, Jr., Immediate Past Chair
Russell P. Allen, President and CEO

Jeannie P. Baliles
Stanley G. Barr, Jr., Emeritus
Lynn Carwell
Christopher Coffing
Stephen Z. Cook
Benjamin Cottrell, Sr.
Lucy Church, Emerita
Bess Decker
Renee Gilman
Dr. William T. Hark
Andrea Holloway
Ina D. Levy
Edward L. Lilly
Valerie Neff
Gerald J. Pepe, Ph.D
Patti Pusey
S. Warren Richard
C. Jeffers Schmidt, Jr.
Martha Lee Shaw
Hon. Lydia C. Taylor
Dr. William M. Waldrop
Deborah Wyld