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Virginia Opera is proud to introduce the Artist Patron Society, a creative way for patrons to directly support the artists that make the magic.

If you are interested in joining this vital group of supporters for the 2016-2017 Season, please contact Lisa Sands (Hampton Roads) at 757.627.9545, ext. 3319, or Howard Bender (Central Virginia/Northern Virginia) at 804.644.8168, ext. 3398.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the following Artist Patron Society members:

2016-2017 Season

The Seven Deadly Sins and Pagliacci 

Artist Underwriting for Adam Turner provided by Edith and Cy Grandy.
Artist Underwriting for Keturah Stickann provided by Anonymous.
Artist underwriting for Ute Gfrerer provided by Allan and Harriet Reynolds.
Artist Underwriting for Gabrielle Zucker provided by Leslie Friedman.
Artist Underwriting for Christopher Morales provided by The Morry Reynolds Fund.
Artist Underwriting for Lee Gregory provided by Henry Garrity.
Artist Underwriting for Kelly Kaduce provided by Caroline and Joe Murillo and Richard Miller.
Artist Underwriting for Michael Chioldi provided by Mary Jane and Cabell Birdsong.

 The Barber of Seville

Artist Underwriting for Will Liverman provided by Deborah Wyld
 Artist Underwriting for Andrew Owens provided by Cary Fountain
 Artist Underwriting for Megan Marino provided by Warren Richard and Lynn Cobb & Mr. &     Mrs. Kemper Hyers
 Artist underwriting for Matthew Burns provided by Gerald and Cathy Pepe
 Artist Underwriting for Christopher Job provided by Jim Deming & Mark Board

Der Freischutz

 Artist Underwriting for Adam Turner provided by Virginia Eye Consultants
 Artist Underwriting for Director Stephen Lawless provided by Peter and Nancy Huber
 Artist Underwriting for Kevin Langan provided by Homer Smith
 Artist Underwriting for Corey Bix provided by Dede and Jim Schneider
 Artist Underwriting for Jake Gardner provided by Tom Nicholsona nd Christie Dixon
 Artist Underwriting for Kara Shay Thomson provided by BizPort
 Artist Underwriting for Katherine Polit provided by the Francis T. and Robert B. Claytor  Fund


 Artist Underwriting for Conductor John DeMain provided by Marc and Teri Kirchner
 Artist Underwriting for Director Lillian Groag provided by Anonymous
 Artist Underwriting Kelly Cae Hogan provided by Vern and Nancy Barham
 Artist Underwriting for Derek Taylor provided by Jac and Sharon Cales
 Artist Underwriting for Danielle Pastin provided by Leslie Friedman