Samson and Delilah

Samson and Delilah by Camille Saint-Saens, premiered in Weimar in 1877, dramatizes this well-known biblical story thrusting the Israelite warrior into the arms of the Philistine seductress who ultimately betrays him. Including the famous "Bacchanale" of the pleasure-loving Philistines, this opera is not to be missed.

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The Girl of the Golden West

Considered the "first Spaghetti Western," Puccini's The Girl of the Golden West (La Fanciulla del West) highlights the rigors of the mid-1800's California mining rush and depicts the rough and tumble world of the Wild West. The titlular character is a hard-edged frontier saloon owner, Minnie, who keeps a close eye on the whiskey-drinking, card-playing miners at her establishment, while holding out for her own true love.

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A Midsummer Night's Dream

Be prepared with A Midsummer Night's Dream for more than a vivid retelling of Shakespeare's classic story. This tour-de-force opera by Benjamin Britten ranks right up there with Verdi's masterpieces and the all-time best of comic opera. The inventive and enchanting score offers a rich display of musical parody mimicking the entangled story-lines and character interactions.

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Lucia di Lammermoor

High drama - at its best. The most iconic of all bel canto operas, Lucia di Lammermoor is the consummate tale of thwarted love and dashed expectations. This opera clearly paints a sensitive portrait of a woman at the breaking point, fully expressed in the most haunting and well-known mad scene ever produced.

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