Department: RICHMOND




This position has six primary areas of responsibility: 

1) Central Virginia/Northern Virginia event and promotional activity coordination 2) Coordination of volunteer programs 3) Coordination of in-kind contributions 4) Responsibility for all Development/Marketing/Education-Outreach support in Central and Northern Virginia as well as event and benefits coordination, including, but not limited to, supervision of the Opera’s donor fulfillment events and activities, rehearsal and master teacher events, design presentations, and performance-related events. 5) Assist Richmond office staff in facilitating communication between the Central Virginia/Northern Virginia Boards of Governors, the Statewide Education Committee, The Central Virginia Gala committee and major stakeholders.  6) Understand conceptually contact management systems and develop expertise in the Tessitura contact management system; previous experience with Tessitura a plus. 

 1. Event and promotional activity coordination:
a. Oversight of day-to-day advance coordination and day-of-event supervision of the Opera’s special events whether under the auspices of either the Opera’s management or a Board committee
b. Oversight and management of the Virginia Opera Prism young professionals program
c. Assistance with oversight and development of school group sales activity in conjunction with the Director of Education, to support Student Afternoon @ the Opera
d. Assignment of duties to volunteers and supervision of volunteers involved in the event or promotional activity including any requisite training
e. Regular communication to and coordination with vendors and requisite staff involved in the event/activity, especially production, artistic, and marketing
f. Regular communication with event/activity leadership, whether internal or external (volunteer) leadership 

2. Development and coordination of volunteer program:
a. Development of appropriate and viable volunteer jobs and responsibilities in support of office activity, special/promotional events, and performance activity
b. Coordinate and train volunteers for requisite job responsibilities
c. Coordinate any support group activity in Central or Northern Virginia as directed by the Richmond Office Senior Staff 

3. In-kind contribution development:
a. Support the Development and Marketing Director, Central/Northern Virginia in working with community vendors/suppliers to develop in-kind contributions for any requisite Virginia Opera activity
b. Ensure appropriate set-up and usage of any in-kind contributions
c. Coordinate acknowledgement of any in-kind contributions with the Development and Marketing Director, Central/Northern Virginia 

4. Contact Management: Learn the Tessitura and Greater Giving contact-management systems and become qualified in entering and maintaining all appropriate information pertaining to VA Opera donors and subscribers, and any related information pertaining to Education Department support 

5. Additional responsibilities:
d. Coordination of all Development benefit fulfillment in Central and Northern Virginia, including acknowledgement processes
e. Event and performance oversight
f. Acts as liaison to Virginia is for Opera Lovers partners, building and tracking social media promotions
g. Taking minutes at Board and Committee meetings
h. Development and coordination of Central and Northern Virginia print and web materials, including, but not limited to, Gala Program Book, online Gala site, promotional pdfs, program inserts, invitations, etc.
i. Maintenance and expansion of the Virginia Opera Program Book AD sales effort with focus on Central and Northern Virginia customers
j. Coordination with the Audience Services Manager in assisting patrons
k. General Assistance to the Richmond office Senior Staff, including travel to Northern Virginia for performances, meetings and events  

6. Other duties as assigned 


Strong organizational skills and the ability to handle numerous simultaneous job responsibilities are of utmost importance for successful operation in this position. This position requires an individual whose focus can be equally divided on the day-to-day office functioning, on volunteer activity and projects, upcoming special events or promotional event coordination and multiple deadlines.  

The position requires an individual who has extremely strong people skills, good communication ability, and a significant ability to get along with many different types of people. Half of the job responsibilities involve working well and effectively with people and being able to motivate volunteers and maintain their enthusiasm for the Opera. The position requires an individual who has significant office/administrative experience and a strong sense of what it means to operate professionally. The person in this position must understand that the Central Virginia and Northern Virginia activity must also be coordinated effectively with Hampton Roads activity.  Internal communication is of utmost importance. 

This individual should have an intermediate grasp of development and accounting principles and strong computer knowledge, including mid-level proficiency with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point, and Tessitura. 


ADMINISTRATIVE: Event management and supervision;
Volunteer coordination and supervision;
Assistance to the Richmond Senior Staff  

FINANCIAL: Assistance in generating contributed revenue and in-kind donations;
operation of special event accounts; event underwriting revenue accounting and processing;
processing of bank deposits and Daily Cash Receipt reports.
maintaining lists of Board and Non-Board donors that track to weekly Statewide Development reports 

OPERATIONS: Oversight of office activity and event activity;
solicitation of in-kind services 

VOLUNTEERS: Day-to-day procurement for any office projects or event coordination;
taking minutes of volunteer meetings, as needed 



The responsibilities of this position that relate to all special/promotional events and major event fundraising are this position’s highest priority; recognizing the positive impact an efficiently and effectively run event can have on the total operation and on meeting the Development Department goals in Central and Northern Virginia.  The person in this position shall serve as chief coordinator, with primary duties including, but not limited to,
a. Ensuring that there is effective communication with the volunteer groups on all events and projects in which such volunteer group is involved;
b. Assistance in securing underwriting and in-kind contributions for special and donor events
c. Ensuring that agreed and approved guidelines for events are set-up and maintained 
d. Assistance with preparing appropriate budgets, properly coding purchase orders and monitoring the Opera’s purchases for all special and donor events; and
e. Directing all volunteers in the carrying out of event logistics. 

 These responsibilities further include:
 Coordinating and developing special event plans and committees
 Ensuring the correct preparation and mailing of invitations
 Creating and maintaining RSVP lists
 Coordinating all elements of donor benefit activity and
 Completely documenting and evaluating special events upon completion. 

Volunteer Coordination

The responsibilities of this position include working with the Bravissimo Society, the two regional boards of governors, the Statewide Education Committee and those individuals who respond to requests from the Opera for volunteer assistance in maintaining the office volunteer program. It is a responsibility of this position to serve as liaison between staff and volunteers. Office volunteers assist staff in event coordination activities. This function helps in the coordination of volunteer group activities involving other staff.  

Further responsibilities include providing daily guidance, assistance, and supervision to any volunteers utilized in Central and Northern Virginia for any function. 

In-Kind Contributions

It is the responsibility of this position to coordinate and track in-kind contributions including, but not limited to, catering, services, florists, and print materials. Donated catering is often necessary for Evenings of Arias and Duets and other receptions. Donated print materials are necessary for invitations and announcements. 

Virginia Opera Prism Young Professionals Program In coordination with volunteer leadership, maintain effective oversight and further growth of the program, managing events, ticket sales and communications.  

Office Operation The final area of responsibility includes working closely with the Development and Marketing Director, Central/Northern Virginia, all Richmond office staff, and Statewide staff to arrange and monitor all Development Department activity in the Central/Northern Virginia regions. This includes, but is not limited to, the printing of invitations locally and/or statewide, and responding to donor/patron needs and prerequisites. Also, assisting in the supervision of development record keeping and data entry, as needed. Any and other duties, as assigned. 

Physical Demands The ability to lift up to 50 pounds. 

Please send cover letter and résumé to Howard Bender, Vice President of Central and Northern Virginia Operations: howard.bender@vaopera.org. Please include Coordinator in the subject line.





 Department: NORFOLK




Type of Employment:  Full-time, salaried

Virginia Opera invites applications for the position of Production and Technical Director.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Hire, contract and supervise all production staff and contractors including, but not limited to:
     * designers, technical staff, electricians, carpenters, stage managers, production assistants, wardrobe personnel, props, running crew, interns
     * any additional personnel required for specific production needs.

Guide all director/design teams through the design process to guarantee the timely completion of all designs.
     * With the input of appropriate technical staff, analyze all designs submitted to determine feasibility of execution within the allotted time, money and personnel available.

In collaboration with President & CEO, develop multiple season calendars and budgets and advance scheduling with three distinct venues
     * Supervise all aspects of scenery construction, refurbishment, stage operations, and the state-wide touring of four large-scale productions. 
     * Maintain the safety standards for the organization
     * Oversee all technical aspects of scenery rentals
     * Provide support to various state-wide events
     * Manage truck rental and other equipment/supply transportation needs
     * Other duties related to overall production and production management needs as assigned

The successful candidate will have:
     * a BA or BFA and 5 years professional theater or opera experience, which includes the knowledge of theatre safety, all areas of stage operations and production, and both union and non-union personnel management. 
     * Strong skills in budgeting, AutoCAD and shop maintenance, along with a valid driver’s license and the ability to drive trucks up to 26’ is required. 
     * Strong communication and the ability to multi-task is a plus.

Please send a cover letter and resume with three references to russell.allen@vaopera.org,  Please include Director of Production/Technical Director in the subject line.

Position will remain open until filled.  Virginia Opera Association is an equal opportunity employer.